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    Steam Id:CookieStealer Age:15 TimeZone: Eastern I have been with WK for about a year and a half, and have known a lot of staff members on here aswell, I have discord and skype I have 2000+ hours on tf2 I can probably play on the server for about 2 hours or more a day but I can probably be on every week unless something comes up depending on homework i have I can be able to get on most of the time I Have Had experience with Mod back then so I can probably be able to work commands out. I want to be a mod because I enjoy playing this game and would like to help this server grow with lots of players and be able to be a staff member of this server would be amazing. I Also Have Garrys Mod but will usually be on the tf2 server because that is my mostly played game. I would describe myself as ,MOSTLY friendly{ as long as you dont piss me off which is usually rare), makes Jokes a lot, and a bit shy at times, is mostly lenient about things.